take-back schemes



take-back schemes

iCEEP helps brands tackle post-consumer waste by digitalizing their take-back programs, and using the power of data to empower them and their customers to move closer to the circular economy. 

Customer Benefits

Digitized transformation

Achieve greater ESG scores

Alignment with UN SDGs


We offer a plug and play solution that brings together the B2BC ecosystem business model that brings together the reverse cycle partnerships needed to close the product loops of brands so that their products can be re-paired & re-commerced or re-cycled & re-used as new materials.

Key Features

We digitalize your take-back program and make it accessible to your customers via the iCEEP mobile application. 

We work with Swiss Post to collect items from the customers home. 

We partner with Microsoft to design customizable dashboards so you can monitor the impact of your take-back program. 

What makes us unique

We use technology and the power of big data to convert a sustainability-drive activity into a sharp  commercial tool that feeds into the sales & marketing strategies of our customers. 


Our digital tools help deliver the right experience to the right customer at the right time. 


We provide insights into buying motivation preferences and behaviour of your customer. 

and Loyality

We help boost customer retention  and aspiration  through  well-designed  take-back  loyalty programs. 

Join us and be part of the change!

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