Most circular opportunities are in the product use phase, bringing companies closer to their customers.

– Accenture Strategy

Managing & Digitizing your takeback schemes.

Campaign Management

We help you design the key features of your takeback campaign, develop your reward scheme, launch your in-app space and manage the day to day reporting of the program.

Tech Management

We provide a software stack for the digitization of your campaign. We take care of the IT infrastructure and continuous improvement, maintenance and development of the platform.

Logistics Management

We offer a door to door collections service, picking up your products directly from the homes of your customers, and managing the initial inspection, handling and temporary storage of the collected products.

Building Intrinsic Brand Value

Boost Sales

Convert your reward schemes into upselling opportunities that drive customer retention and can be customized to redirect traffic to your online store.

Data Analytics

Digitize your takeback schemes, measure the impact of your campaigns, sharpen your understanding of shopper buying behaviours and personalise your costumer services.

Brand Image

Deliver a service which adheres to growing expectation of environmentally sensitive and educated consumers. Differentiate your brand and share your journey towards the circular economy.

70% of buying decisions are made based on how
clients feel they are being treated”.

– Salesforce –